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Grandma's Soapdish & Sundries, LLC
Making Quality Organic Soaps in Connecticut Since 1998
email: diane@grandmassoapdish.com

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Customer Testimonials

From Michele H., Connecticut...
"About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with rosacea. I had a severe breakout where my face looked like a massive 3rd degree burn, blistery, swollen , red and hard to the touch. Since that time I was started on metrogel, antibiotics, Noritate and also had a few laser treatments. All this resulted in some improvement but even with makeup my nose still had a purple slightly swollen appearance. In June 2011 I stopped using Noritate and started washing my face daily with French Green Clay soap and noticed improvement very quickly. In September during my yearly physical my primary doctor stated there was no swelling from my rosacea. A few people at work had commented I lost weight, although I wish that were true, I believe it was from decreasing facial swelling. In June I had my yearly appointment with my dermatologist and she stated my rosacea was “stabilized” and was very interested in the French Green Clay soap as was my Primary doctor.

I know not everyone will have the same results or am I saying it’s a cure as I still have faint redness but at $6.00/bar, which lasts me about 6 months, and $100.00/tube and drug side effects for Noritate to me it was worth the try."

From Nancy M., Connecticut....

"The reason I am writing is that I received your soap for Christmas. It has shea butter in it, WOW - it is absolutely the best! I love it. The lather is so rich and creamy, it's a nice big bar, but still fits on the ledge of the tub, it smells wonderful and once the steam gets going- aaaah,I could really go on and on, Diane!! Getting in that shower on a dark, cold January morning isn't so bad after all, actually, there is no place I would rather be!! Thanks for making such a wonderful product."

From Leslie N., Connecticut....

"Would you be able to send me a jar of your wonderful Rosemary & Lavender Shea Butter lotion? There is really nothing quite like it, and I've been out of it. If that works for you, just let me know how much I owe you and I'll get a check out to you. Do take care, and my best to your husband and all of your little ones!"

From Beverly M., Cape Cod, Mass....

"also, the soap, rose/geranium that i'm using is absolutely delightful. I just love the scent and it doesn't dry out my hands -- thank you, thank you. You know how big the bars are and believe me when i tell you, i'm hooked on this soap and have been using it for everything."

From Laurie W, Connecticut...

"Thank you for the SCRUMPTIOUS soaps! You know I love your soap. Thanks so much – can’t wait to use them and smell nice! The fragrance is really relaxing and a big treat after a long day. Laurie W., Connecticut"

From Robert M., California....

"I just got the soap today. I knew I got it when I was about 1 foot from the mailbox!!! It smells so delicious can I eat it??? Thank you sooo much!!!!! What wonderful work! When at first a friend of mine told me they were going to send me some hand made soap, being the manly man I am I said "thank you" and sort of forgot about it. When it finally came in the mail, as I went to my mail box in my apartment building there were a couple of gals ooohing and ahing about the smell. I got it full on when I opened my box. The smell was great!! Not soapy, but spicy and sweet at the same time. I picked up a bar of the new soap to try it out and was pleasantly surprised how the whole shower was filled with the scent which was almost edible! Since then, I have been using the soap every day and switching between them. Some of the ones my friend sent were even exfoliates as well. I have received nothing but compliments about my "clean scent" but beyond that I have found a new way to relax simply by taking in the scent when I shower. On top of that my skin (which had been dry before ) has taken on a smooth silky feel. The thing I like about it the best is that it doesn't have any soapy smell or residue! I would highly recommend it to anyone!! Even if you think you are not a soap type of person as I did! The soap is great and I am really enjoying it !!!Thanks a lot!!"

From Linda G, New Hampshire.....

"For the past 44 years I have had exzema. You can imagine the number of skin care products I have tried for itching. The shea butter (Shea Butter Me Up) soap is the very best I have ever tried over the years."

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