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Grandma's Soapdish & Sundries, LLC
Making Quality Organic Soaps in Connecticut Since 1998
email: diane@grandmassoapdish.com

Brook Brook Brook


When I was a little girl, I had the misfortune of having eczema. As an adult, when I was expecting one of my babies in 1997, I had a chat with an elderly gentleman. We were both complaining about our itchy skin. He told me that I really should learn how to make soap and stop using commercial soap due to the chemicals present in it. Hmm. I set his comment toward the back of my mind until one day when I was in the library & a book on soapmaking unexpectedly caught my eye. With nothing to lose but dry, itchy skin if that man was correct, I checked the book out and read it from start to finish. The rest is history. I've been making soap since 1998, and I owe Carl a debt of gratitude for his wisdom. Not only did it lead me to pursue a hobby-turned-business that I absolutely love and enjoy, he was correct - my eczema is gone. Using natural products consistently turned things around for me. I have to smile now, because with experience, I've learned that it has done the same for others, too. The testimonials on my site speak for themselves.

So there you have it; my journey as a beginner soapmaker, back in the day. Over the years I have met some wonderful people - especially those who have an appreciation of quality. I take pride in my soapmaking and I use only top quality ingredients. This job isn't my career, it is my passion. My career, despite 3 college degrees, including a Doctorate, is being a blessed mother to my ten children (ages 10 to adult), which will always come first. When I am not enjoying my large family, my spare time is spent making soap, lotions, quilting, homeschooling, volunteer work for civic organizations, enjoying time with my 5 little grandchildren, and traveling.

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