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Grandma's Soapdish & Sundries, LLC
Making Quality Organic Soaps in Connecticut Since 1998
email: diane@grandmassoapdish.com

Brook Brook Brook


Grandma's has been making artisan soaps for almost 21 years now - tens of thousands of bars. Today, every hand-made batch is still as exciting as the first one was. Knowing the quality of vegetable oils, exotic butters, clays from around the world, essential oils and herbs that go into most of Grandma's soaps, you can be assured of a product that benefits your skin. We do use some fragrance oils in certain batches; a product that has also come a long way with increased quality over the last 20 years. Experience the benefits of using real soap on your skin and see for yourself why Grandma's has customers returning for years to enjoy their favorite soap! Visit the links to your left and see for yourself; there is something for everyone, including custom orders, here at Grandma's.
Truly natural artisan soaps - because you deserve the very best; handmade natural soap!

Shop online at **THE SOAP SHOP** to find the perfect soaps & sundries to nurture your skin.

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